Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Our Marae trip

We went to the Hukanui marae today.
We went on the bus with Rooms one, two and three. it was very hot and crowded on the bus.
There was a blue flag flying at the marae that was the Maori king's flag.
When we all sang E hara it sounded amazing.
The wharenui was interesting. It was a great trip.

We are lined up waiting for the bus.

We wait outside the gate to be invited onto the marae.

We can see the wharenui throught he gateway..

The Kohanga reo kids were there.

We were welcomed by Whaea Robyn's aunty.

Our kaumatua spoke on our behalf.

We are listening to the speeches.

Look at the beautiful painted rafters inside the wahrenui.

Inside the wharenui.

Our kapa haka kids sang beautifully.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Survival skills in the water

Last week we learned about surviving in the water with our Field of Dreams swimming instructors.

Everyone wore a life jacket and learned how to huddle, how to get attention if we are in trouble, and how to move together in the water.

Monday, February 26, 2018

Peach crumble, drawing, and frogs.

Our peach tree in the Kitchen Garden had lots of peaches on it. But the hot humid weather meant they were rotting before they were properly ripe. Sonja baked a peach crumble with some of the children.

 It was delicious!


We sketched some jugs and bottles using our skills of shading and drawing 3D shapes. Here are the stunning results.......


We had six tadpoles a couple of weeks ago. Now we have four frogs and two froglets (they are not quite out of the water yet, but they have four legs.
They are masters of camouflage, but when we put live flies into the tank they come out to catch them.

They are very hard to spot, even when they are out in the open.